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To book in or enquire about brow lamination, please fill out the form on my contact page or DM me & I'll get in touch within 48 hours. Please check your spam folder, if you're still awaiting a response.

Brow lamination:

Originating in Russia, brow lamination took the rest of Europe & the US by storm in 2019. During 2020 it was the most searched beauty treatment in Australia during & post-lockdown! It's a gentle three-step keratin treatment, which lasts up to twelve weeks. The process involves straightening the hairs (similar to a keratin hair treatment), resulting in a brushed-up uniform appearance with a beautiful silky texture. Giving the brow & facial structure an instantly lifted affect. Brow lamination may include a brow tint, wax & tweeze, if desired. Finishing off with a nourishing oil to complete the lamination process.

Appointment: Approx. 45 mins. It's advisable to book in for brow lamination maintenance between 4-6 weeks after your brows are laminated. This treatment isn't suitable if you're pregnant or experiencing any skin irritations eg. dermatitis or eczema within the eye or brow area.

After-care: Avoid getting your brows wet (showering, swimming, saunas, surfing etc.) for 24hrs after your brow lamination. Then you'll be able to style your brows by simply brushing them into your desired shape, preferably when damp. Avoid over brushing them when dry. Ensure you regularly apply a nourishing oil to your brows, such as Elleeplex to maintain softness or castor oil to stimulate growth. Do not laminate over laminated brows! If you're unhappy with results from another salon, you'll need to wait at least 5 weeks for the hairs to return to normal before I can laminate them again for you. However, you may wish to book a maintenance appointment instead before you consider re-laminating them to ensure optimum brow hair health.


Brow lamination maintenance:

If you're a frequent laminator, you should definitely consider booking in for a maintenance appointment between 4-6 weeks after your brow lamination. This will help extend the life of your lamination, while maintaining the integrity of your brow hair health. The process involves a deep cleanse, followed by a two step Olaplex treatment, designed to re-build the bonds of your hairs from the inside out. Followed by tinting & shaping/grooming, if required. Finishing up with a nourishing oil. You may also want to consider this treatment, if you've previously had your brows laminated elsewhere & are unhappy with the results. If your brows have been over processed, you'll need to wait for them to recover/re-grow before laminating them again.

Appointment: Approx. 45 mins. Between 4-6 weeks after your lamination treatment.

After-care: No after-care required. However, I do highly recommend regularly cleansing & nourishing your brows (see above details in lamination after-care.) Elleeplex is available for purchase in-studio.

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